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Your Child Deserves The BEST Educational Experience You Can Provide!  Psychoeducational assessment yields comprehensive information about your child’s intellectual ability as well as his or her aptitude for academic achievement.  Many parents and teachers look to this type of testing to identify learning disabilities, as well as extraordinary skills that may qualify a student for gifted and talented provisions.  Through a series of broad-ranging subtests, we collect information about your child’s unique learning style, including how he or she learns best, as well as various impediments to his or her ability to absorb and retain new information.  Furthermore, the testing offers insight into how your child best communicates what he or she knows.  Using the assessment results, Dr. Lauren designs impactful treatments and informs the creation of effective individualized Education Plans (EPs) for helping your child get the most out of his or her schooling. 


Value You Can Depend On  Unlike some others in the business, the SpAcuity evaluation and reporting protocol is not simply a brief summary of your child’s test scores derived from abbreviated screening tools administered in a group setting.  Each psychoeducational assessment begins with an individual consultation with Dr. Lauren, to gather information about your child’s development and academic experience up to this point, as well as what you are hoping to gain from the present assessment.  With this information, Dr. Lauren devises an individualized testing protocol especially tailored to determine both your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and what, if any educational modifications must be made.  This testing protocol is administered to your child directly by Dr. Lauren, a licensed psychologist (not a technician) which allows her to make “in the moment” observations of your child’s behavior, as he or she problem solves.  In addition and with your permission, Dr. Lauren communicates with your child’s school staff and may observe your child in the classroom to obtain a more holistic picture of your child’s functioning.  Thus, the conclusions drawn from the testing are based on an integrated assessment of your child’s skill, work habits, communication style and aptitude.   These conclusions are then documented in the final psychoeducational assessment report which also describes and discusses your child’s overall individualized testing experience.  During the final test review meeting, Dr. Lauren provides you with a copy of your child’s test report and reviews and interprets your child’s performance.   

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Psychoeducational Evaluation

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