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Neuropsychological Testing is a highly specialized type of assessment intended to measure neurological functioning by observing an individual’s performance in the areas of perception, attention, learning and memory, language, planning, and visual-motor integration.  This type of testing is especially helpful in diagnosing various types of brain injuries, dementias, and other neurocognitive conditions, as well as measuring the effectiveness of treatment and/or the progress of recovery.  


As with all SpAcuity services, the neuropsychological evaluation is preceded by an initial consultation with Dr. Lauren.  During this meeting, Dr. Lauren talks with the client to better understand his or her reason for getting tested.  Relevant medical records and previous psychological assessments may be reviewed and discussed, as well.  The information gathered during the consultation will inform the type of neuropsychological battery to be administered.  The SpAcuity neuropsychological evaluation is an especially good value, because all of the testing is completed by Dr. Lauren, a licensed psychologist (not a technician or intern).  This allows Dr. Lauren to witness the client throughout the entirety of the examination process and  consolidate the noted behavioral observations and test responses into one comprehensive assessment.  As part of the testing, clients may be asked to repeat words or numbers, draw figures, manipulate objects or solve puzzles.  As this testing protocol is administered directly by Dr. Lauren, she is able to get a clear and complete picture of the client's test-taking style, as well as observe if and how any external factors (e.g., difficulty hearing or interpreting instructions) may influence the client's performance.  These real time observations are incorporated into the overall assessment to generate a more inclusive summary that reflects the client's behavioral, intellectual and neurological functioning.  Upon documenting these conclusions in a final neuropsychological assessment report, Dr. Lauren meets with the testing client to review and interpret the written report.  The purpose of the final meeting is to convey to the client in easy-to-understand language how the test results apply to his or her daily experiences.             

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Neuropsychological Evaluation

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