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Get The Full Picture!  Comprehensive assessment yields information about your child’s intellectual ability and his or her aptitude for academic achievement, as well as his or her emotional and personality functioning.  Many parents and teachers look to this type of testing to gain insight on how best to assist youngsters who are exhibiting difficulties in more than one domain.  For instance, it is sometimes difficult to discern if a student is anxious, because he cannot concentrate in class, or if she cannot concentrate, because she is anxious about problems occurring outside of school.   Similarly, adults often utilize such assessments when they are experiencing challenges in both their personal and professional lives.  Just as with the psychoeducational testing, a series of broad-ranging subtests are used to collect information about the client's unique learning style, including how he or she learns best, as well as various impediments to his or her ability to absorb and retain new information.  Furthermore, various projective subtests are incorporated into the battery to provide insight into how the client perceives and interacts with his or her world.  By gathering additional information about the client's mood and personality, Dr. Lauren gains a clearer understanding of how the client's outlook informs his or her academic or professional functioning, as well as how his or her performance over time might influence his or her world view.  Constructing a more complete assessment allows for the determination of whether an intervention needs to be more therapeutic, more academic/occupational, or both.   


SpAcuity Quality  As with all SpAcuity assessments, the comprehensive evaluation and reporting protocol go far beyond providing clients with only a brief summary of test scores.  Dr. Lauren's testing process is completely individualized to meet each client's unique needs and never occurs in a group setting.  During the initial individual consultation, information is gathered regarding the client's social and behavioral development and academic experience up to this point.  Dr. Lauren works closely with individuals and families to help tease out exactly what information needs to be extracted from the present assessment to devise the best treatment and/or individualized Education Plan (EP).  With this information, a testing protocol that probes intellectual, academic, behavioral and emotional functioning is created and administered to the client directly by Dr. Lauren.  Additionally, Dr. Lauren consults with others who might be familiar with the client (e.g., teachers, physicians, nurses, parents, coworkers, etc.) to ensure that she obtains the most holistic picture possible of the client’s functioning.  In this way, an integrated assessment of the client's skill, aptitude, work habits, environmental perception and social interaction style informs the conclusions drawn from the testing.  These conclusions are then documented in the comprehensive assessment report, and discussed and interpreted by Dr. Lauren during the final test review meeting.   

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