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Pre-Surgical Assessment



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Learning Disorders

Executive Functioning Issues

Gifted and Talented Eligibility

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Psychological testing involves the administration of standardized protocols which may be used to assess a person’s intellectual ability, learning style and aptitude, psychological functioning, and/or personality style.  Once gathered, this information may be used to help determine the most appropriate educational track and/or accommodations, psychological services, medical services or occupational placement for the client.    


Here at SpAcuity, several types of assessments are offered: Psychoeducational Testing, Neuropsychological Testing, Emotional and Behavioral Testing, Comprehensive Psychological Testing, and Pre-Surgical Testing.  In the interest of maintaining the high standard of service set by its parent company, The Mind Spa, SpAcuity provides both adults and children with a positive testing experience that is both comprehensive and informative.  From the initial consultation to the final meeting to review the completed test report, Dr. Lauren walks you through each step of the process, and explains the outcome of the assessment in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

What Is Psychological Testing?
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